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Lip Tie NJ - New Jersey Lip Tie Dentist - Labial Frenectomy 

Dr. Tanios-Rafla performs more lip-tie releases per day than anyone in the state of New Jersey. She is the only “preferred Lip Tie provider” for the state of New Jersey on a national database (Tongue-Tie & Lip-Tie Support Network – see the directory Click here).  We do a full examination on each patient and determine that patient’s individual’s needs before giving the option of treatment.  If treatment is recommended, we can perform the procedure the same day in most cases, especially because many of our patients drive from several hours away. We would be honored to care for your child and help you through understanding more about this misunderstood condition.
A lip tie, medically known as labial frenulum, results when the thin membrane attaching from the top gum line to the upper lip is tight. Whether it is an infant, child, or adult suffering from this issue, our office provides a solution. Using modern technology, we use an all-tissue laser (ER:YAG) to deliver the highest level of clinical control, and operating efficiency. The lip tie surgery is medically known as a frenectomy or a frenotomy.


 Lip Tie Dentist NJ

Lip Tie NJ

 Consequences of Untreated Lip Tie

If someone suffers from a severe upper lip tie, it tends to be noticed by mothers who are breastfeeding. A significant sign that the infant may have an issue with the lip tie, is that the mother will have difficulty or even be unable to breastfeed, as well as pain of the nipples, which could also lead to bleeding. A severe upper lip tie can cause a tight lip; with infants this can lead to slow growth due to the inability to flail the lip out adequately to nurse. As the child gets older it can further lead to a gap between the front teeth, possibility of tearing and causing pain due to rough play or accidents, as well as speech difficulties from the limited mobility of the upper lip.



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