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For almost 7 weeks, my newborn and I suffered. She screamed when I put her to my breast. She cried. She punched. She kicked. In turn, I cried. She dreaded every feed and I dreaded every feed. I had this vision we would be creating an impenetrable bond and it would bring us so much closer. In turn, I felt like she almost hated me. I then began pumping and she still screamed after a feed. After asking multiple pediatricians what the problem was---in which they gave me these answers: "It's colic." "It's just her temperament." "It's reflux." "She will grow out of it." I had had enough. So I researched online and found Dr.Tanios-Rafla. I was not going to wait for her to "grow out of it." Something was terribly wrong and I wanted my baby to not be in so much pain all the time.

Dr. Tanios-Rafla diagnosed my baby with "severe lip and tongue tie" within 30 seconds. I cried. She was the most maternal, compassionate doctor whom I have ever met. She held my baby. Hugged her. Hugged me --and then assured me that from here forward, "all is going to be ok."

The procedure is quick and Dr. Tanios-Rafla's commitment to making sure that the parents know how to complete the exercises is second to none. She asks you to come back for follow-ups, when most doctors would collect your money and forget about your baby. She doesn't. She wants you and baby to be happy and she commits to ensure that happens. Her instructions are clear and she even has a video in case you forget. She also will take your call--even if it's just to vent emotionally as a mom.

This procedure changed our lives -but more importantly, Dr. Tanios-Rafla changed our life. I have a happy baby. A completely new one. And I get teary-eyed that no one told me sooner--until I met Dr Tanios-Rafla.

Do yourself a favor and go see her.

Katie F.

We took our son to see Dr. Rafla when he was 5 weeks old. I had such a difficult time breastfeeding and thought it was normal to be in so much pain. Most people agreed it was including doctors, midwives and the hospital LC (lactation consultant). Friends told me it was okay if I couldn't breastfeed. Many are unable to. But breastfeeding is one of the most important aspects of a child's health and development and significantly impacts the health of their entire life!

Sure enough, after having an LC come to our house, we found out that our son had a tongue and lip tie. The LC referred us to Dr. Rafla, and within a few weeks the difference was night and day!

Dr. Rafla, made us comfortable with the procedure. She was very confident and reassuring. And she was well organized and attentive. It is very obvious that she is an expert in her field. The exercises were key to maintaining the success of the procedure. Dr. Rafla is adamant about them! But not many doctors are or even tell you about they're needed.

Bottom line - If you feel that breastfeeding is very painful and your baby isn't satisfied afterward and/or isn't growing as they should, DON'T GIVE UP! GO TO DR. RAFLA FOR AN EVALUATION!! If your child has a tongue or lip tie, Dr. Rafla can fix it!
Highly recommend! Can you tell?

Jessica W.

To put it simply, Dr. Tanios-Rafla changed my family's life! As a first time mom, I just assumed the difficulties I was having breastfeeding were normal. I had briefly met with a lactation consultant in the hospital when my daughter was staying in the NICU and was unsuccessful in getting her to latch and maintain interest. I was given a nipple shield and sent home to try to figure it out myself. I continued using the shield, but was left with an unhappy and hungry baby. Not wanting to give up just yet, I met with a different lactation consultant who identified my daughter had a lip and tongue tie and referred me to Dr. Tanios-Rafla. I was terrified to bring her in for the procedure, but knew it was the right thing to do. Dr. Tanios-Rafla confirmed the diagnosis and explained everything in-depth, reassuring us that it would improve our nursing relationship, among other benefits. The procedure itself is very quick. I was only away from my baby for about 5 minutes (although in the moment, I admit it felt longer). Dr. Tanios-Rafla was very supportive afterwards and patiently tried to help us to nurse. However, it took us a few days before my baby girl was nursing like a pro (without the nipple shield)! I feel like Dr. Tanios-Rafla genuinely cares about our nursing relationship and has since met with us several times to ensure our baby was healing correctly, eating well and gaining weight consistently. I have now been happily nursing my daughter for a month post-revision and I have to say that I am 100% happy that I got the procedure done. Thank you Dr. Tanios-Rafla!

Leanne K.

I can't say enough positive things about Dr. Gina and her staff! I contacted the office after having difficulty nursing my 9 day old son, Nolan, and was able to immediately schedule an appointment for the following day. Our pediatrician was not concerned with a tongue or lip tie for my little guy, but Dr. Gina confirmed both right away and was able to correct them within only a few minutes and no pain to my baby (I cried more than my little guy did, as a matter of fact). The office staff are very friendly and make you feel like your baby is in good hands. Dr. Gina spent as much time explaining the follow up stretches and assisting with nursing, post revision, as necessary. She was willing to answer all of my questions, no matter how silly I thought they may have been, and has been willing to see my son as many times as I felt might be necessary to check on his healing progress. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Gina immediately (even before your pediatrician) if you have any pain while nursing or suspect a tongue or lip tie in your baby. Thank you all so much for saving my breastfeeding relationship with my baby!!!

Jennifer E.

I had my 9 month old daughters ULT and PTT revised by Dr. Gina Tanios Rafla about 2 weeks ago and I wanted to share what a wonderful experience we had with her and her staff. They scheduled us for a consultation and allowed time to do the procedure the same day if needed, which is what we decided to do. My husband and I immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Gina and her staff. They thoroughly answered all of our questions and they were clearly very knowledgeable, and excellent at working with children. Dr. Gina also spent time with us after the procedure to personally explain the post surgery instructions, and made sure we fully understood what needed to be done(Stretches). She took her time with us and we never felt as if she were rushing off to the next patient. If your child needs to have a lip tie or tongue tie revised I highly recommend Dr. Gina Tanios Rafla. You will not be disappointed.

Niquira W.

Our story is much like the others here, and Dr. Tanios-Rafla was a life saver for us! When our son was born 3 weeks ago, we were told he had a tongue-tie and it made nursing so painful in the hospital it was nearly impossible. We were lucky to have Dr. Tanios-Rafla recommended as the best person to fix this, and her friendly office accommodated us and got us in quickly (when our son was only 6 days old) before the Thanksgiving holiday weekend so we could correct it as soon as possible. Dr. Tanios-Rafla and her office staff are so kind and friendly and have a wonderful way with children. She also truly understands tongue and lip ties and the impact they have on breastfeeding and is a wonderful help and advocate for nursing mothers! The procedure was fast and effective, and it's healing beautifully. The revision has made nursing not only possible, but an enjoyable experience for mom and baby. We can't recommend her and her office enough- thank you again!

Allison H.

Dr. Gina Tanios Rafla and her staff were awesome. She performed a frenectomy on my son and daughter - best money ever spent. I was told by their pediatrician that no doctor will perform a frenectomy unless it causes speech problems. As a mom, I didn't want to wait for that. My daughter speaks perfectly and my son is able to move his tongue - before he wasn't able to do so. Thanks Dr.Gina Tanios Rafla and all the staff. You guys are the best.

Noni S.

I was referred to an oral surgeon to have my daughters upper frenectomy done. I happened to be searching online for some information on the procedure and was extremely lucky to come across Gina Tanios Laser Dentistry. My daughter Madison is 11 years old and I thought this might be a more painless option for her. Come to find out Dr. Tanios specializes in this procedure and had had a lot of experience and successful turnouts. Dr. Tanios was very thorough when explaining everything to me and my daughter and helped her feel at ease.
I was very pleased with the outcome and definately made the right choice bringing her here.

~Marla G~

When I had to go to the appointment to get my gum cut I was very nervous and scared that it was going to hurt. The Dr. assured me it would not hurt and numbed my gum. I didn't feel any pain during the procedure or after. I was a tiny bit sore the next morning for a few minutes and have been painless ever since. I am very happy with the way it looks now.

~Madison G~

Madison & Marla G.

Dr. Gina and her staff are very friendly and make you feel like your baby is in good hands. My daughter had a severe lip tie and tongue tie and was unable to breast feed, even after seeing a lactation consultant. The procedure took only a few minutes with no pain to my little girl who was only 10 days old at the time. Dr. Gina immediately helped us to try to breast feed and showed us the exercises to do with her. My baby is now able to open her mouth more widely and stick her tongue out, allowing her to breast feed with a nipple shield. As she gets more and more used to her new mouth and builds the muscles in her tongue she is slowly getting better at latching onto the breast itself and I am very confident she will be off the shield soon. Dr. Gina and her team have been so helpful and will see you to check your progress as many times as you would like. She cares about her patients and I highly recommend her.

Danielle F.

My breastfeeding experience with my 4th child was quite uncomfortable from the beginning & having nursed 3 other children I knew something was not right. Our daughter was 14 days old when we brought her to see Dr. Tanios for a lip & tongue tie evaluation. We were nervous at the thought of our daughter needing surgery at such a young age. Dr Tanios did find she had both a lip & tongue tie & explained the benefits of having the revision. The entire staff was extremely kind and caring and Dr. Tanios took care of our daughter as if she was one of her own!! I could feel the difference in our daughters latch immediately following the procedure & as she healed breastfeeding continued to improve. Thank you Dr. Tanios for taking such amazing care of us!!!

Amy P.

Our daughter was diagnosed with a lip and tongue tie in the hospital by a compassionate lactation consultant after our pediatrician and two previous LCs missed it. After three days of failed attempts to initiate nursing and around-the-clock attachment to the breast pump, we were then referred to Dr. Tanios-Rafla, whose office was able to fit us in for a Monday morning appointment following our Saturday discharge. Dr. Gina Tanios-Rafla performed a water laser lip and tongue tie release on our five day old daughter and saw us for two follow-up visits to confirm that both were healing well. Dr.Tanios-Rafla and her staff were extremely accommodating and knowledgable. The doctor gave us extended and individual attention to ensure that we understood both the procedure itself and the healing process. She seemed to truly care about the outcome of our daughter and our breastfeeding success. After a few days of learning how to use her newly freed tongue, our daughter was able to begin nursing (and I was able to ditch the pump). Now, a month later, what was once a battle is truly a bonding experience and we are exclusively nursing. We would absolutely recommend Dr. Tanios-Rafla to anyone experiencing a lip or tongue tie issue with their child. The procedure is worth the effort and we had a very positive experience with the expertise and compassion of this doctor and her office.

Sarah R.

I just got back from my followup appointment for a lip tie laser revision that was performed on my 7 month old baby girl on November 1st by Dr. Gina Tanios-Rafla of East Brunswick, NJ. We couldn't happier with the results. She is healing beautifully and our nursing relationship has greatly improved. I'm so glad we found Dr. Tanios. She and her staff were kind and so helpful during a nerve wracking experience. She was supportive and informative, which was very comforting after all we had been through to get to this point. From the excruciating nursing pain and bouts with Mastitis, to being told by various medical professionals she would outgrow it or even that they didn't believe in a lip tie, to have a Doctor that listened and took my concerns seriously was a breath of fresh air. I would highly recommend her and her laser dentistry practice.

Katie M

What an amazing experience we had with Dr. Tanios. Our newborn baby girl was having such difficulty latching on, making breast feeding her impossible. Our lactation consultant informed us that she was tongue tied and would need to have it surgically released. Upon a few calls to some oral surgeons on my insurance plan I was disappointed to find that no one was able to help us. I started researching on the internet and found Dr. Tanios who was more than an hour's drive away was a blessing from the start. The website offered so much information and the testimonials speak for themselves. I knew I had the right person to help us immediately.

Dr. Tanios is a lovely, friendly, and caring professional. The procedure was well explained and took only minutes. We were then given a demonstration of mouth exercises for baby girl to ensure successful healing. Finally to top it off, Dr. Tanios encouraged us to start breast feeding right there in her office with her assistance. I highly recommend Dr. Tanios to anyone who needs this procedure done. I have already passed on her contact information to both my lactation consultant and my pediatrician to recommend others in my position. Thank you Dr. Tanios.

Elizabeth B.

I had my 9 month old daughters ULT and PTT revised by Dr. Gina Tanios Rafla about 2 weeks ago and I wanted to share what a wonderful experience we had with her and her staff. They scheduled us for a consultation and allowed time to do the procedure the same day if needed, which is what we decided to do. My husband and I immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Gina and her staff. They thoroughly answered all of our questions and they were clearly very knowledgeable, and excellent at working with children. Dr. Gina also spent time with us after the procedure to personally explain the post surgery instructions, and made sure we fully understood what needed to be done. (Stretches). She took her time with us and we never felt as if she were rushing off to the next patient. If your child needs to have a lip tie or tongue tie revised I highly recommend Dr. Gina Tanios Rafla. You will not be disappointed.

Niquira W.

AMAZING!!! 5 weeks too long! Liam just left the dentist. We were told in the hospital that he had a "mild lip tie" and that we " probably won't have to do anything with it" but I can tell you, the past 5 weeks of nursing have been hell and very VERY painful. Nothing I experienced with my first! I was depressed that we weren't getting the same bond as my first and I did. Liam was fussy, extremely gassy, hiccups, and ALWAYS hungry! After 10 minutes with Dr. tanios-rafla, he wanted to eat. As I cringed waiting for the typical pain he latched and I didn't even feel it! I started to cry because it was a mini miracle! I've never seen him so happy while feeding! Words can not describe how happy I am! So worth the 2 hour drive from PA! Thank you so much for the care and support from all the staff! I most certainly recommend this office! :)

Lauren P.

I came in with my 14 month old daughter after going to two other specialists that deal with tongue tie. My sister gave me an idea to research and that's how I found Dr. Tanios-Rafla. Dr Tanios-Rafla told me that my daughter had a lip tie as well as a tongue tie. Both of the procedures were performed with the laser and it was literally 10 minutes and we were done. My daughter healed beautifully. I would highly recommend - its safe. No anesthesia, no sutures. My daughter was eating, drinking and smiling soon after we left. I am very pleased with the results.

Angelica D.

My 7.5 month old had his tongue and lip ties revised by the very sweet and gentle Dr. Gina Tanios-Rafla. I was super impressed with the way the procedure went. My son was respected the whole time. There were tears, as my son was a little confused, but she talked him through the procedure, and I was at peace being able to hold him and kiss his head the whole time! He nursed straight away after, and the latch was definitely improved. I have been on the Tongue Tie Babies Support group for over a month researching all about this issue. This doctor had great reviews from the group which promoted me to schedule with her. I was very nervous and a little doubtful that my son was really tied. My symptoms didn't seem severe enough, although it's been a tough breastfeeding journey for sure. She confirmed that he had a severe lip tie and a slight tongue tie. It validated all of my struggles. I'm very pleased that my husband and I went through with the procedure! His latch is truly deeper and he has been eating more completely. Nursing has become enjoyable for us both! If you suspect that your little one is tied, do not hesitate to have a consultation. Be prepared for a bit of healing afterwards, and your little one may refuse to nurse a few hours after the procedure. Manage his or her pain, and you will both come out so much better on the other side. We found warm skin to skin baths extremely helpful. You can do it!

Cassandra D.

My son had a Class 4 Tongue Tie & a Lip Tie. From the day he was born, he always wanted to be on the breast, no breaks, and my nipples were misshaped and cracking. This is also my second child with a tongue tie. My first, my daughter, ended up having 2 scissor revisions until the third at 6 months was done by a laser. This experience made me 100% sure that the laser treatment is the best option for tongue ties/lip ties. Not even 24 hrs later, my son is a completely different baby! He is not only napping in between feeds now, but he is also self-unlatching and acting content. Dr. Gina Tanios from East Brunswick, NJ made me feel fully comfortable and confident in her based on her breastfeeding knowledge and confidence. I would highly recommend her to any baby in need of a revision in our area. I swear she felt like an Angel! And also, follow your heart Mommies and dont be afraid to get consultations and ask questions.


Our newborn was diagnosed with a tongue and lip tie sufficiently severe to require surgery. Dr Tanios' website had a lot of useful information about the procedure and the office staff were efficient and friendly. We were able to get an appointment within 36 hrs, which was a tremendous relief for a mother and baby struggling with breastfeeding and pumping.

Dr Tanios immediately put us at ease, handled our daughter carefully (she was 5 days old) and walked us through the procedure. Quick, straightforward and great follow-up care - exactly what a new parent needs! I would recommend having the procedure as soon as you can after diagnosis, and I recommend Dr Tanios for all new parents with a tongue tied baby. I have heard of some mothers waiting over a week for an appointment - this can have such a negative impact on establishing your breastfeeding, so don't accept such delays, especially when Dr Tanios' team will work to fit you in ASAP.

Thanks for everything!

Kay - Somerset, NJ

Dr Gina performed both a lip and tongue tie revision on our 5 mos old son. She and her staff are extremely knowledgeable, super friendly and wonderful with babies. She explains everything very well to put you at ease and you stay with your child at all times. The procedure was a huge success and we are seeing considerably better motion in our sons tongue after only 2 months. We highly recommend and thank Dr Gina!!

The Watkins Family

I had my lingual frenectomy surgery done at Dr. Gina Tanios-Rafla’s office. Although I already had two surgeries a few months prior performed by a previous doctor, I still couldn't achieve the desired results. With Dr. Gina Tanios-Rafla it was completely different experience and results were incredible. I had topical anesthetic (no injections!); and with a state of the art laser technology few incisions were made without any pain and bleeding. I’m very happy with the results and I would absolutely recommend Dr. Gina Tanios-Rafla to anyone who’s planning their lingual frenectomy done.
Thank you, Dr. Gina!

North Plainfield, NJ

Dr. Gina was amazing. I went in with my 2 month old daughter to get a lip tie done. She took one look at my daughter and informed me that she had a severe case of it. Dr. Gina assured me that the procedure of a water laser was quick and easy. She even tested it on me. After she took care of the lip tie she stayed with me until my daughter was calm and satisfied. Later in the evening I thought there was something wrong in my daughters mouth. I called Dr. Gina and she told me to come into her office when she had already left for the evening. She was so sweet, she calmed me and my husbands nerves and assured us that our daughter was just fine. I would highly recommend going to her. Dr. Gina and her staff are wonderful.

Erin V.

Brought my son here for his tongue tie procedure. Great staff. Very fast to get an appointment. Highly recommend going to any Mom that needs this done to their child.

Emily M.

Today I had my two week old little boys tongue tie and lip tie corrected. I am so pleased with Dr. Gina and her staff. The office is clean, the staff is very friendly, wait time was short, and Dr. Gina is simply amazing! She truly loves what she does,very compassionate, and very knowledgeable. I can not thank you enough!

Chelsea C.

Amazing experience! I brought my 8 week old baby to Dr. Tanios to have his tongue and lip tie revised. Needless to say, I was very nervous about the procedure considering I am a first time mom, and my son was still so young. Dr. Tanios and her staff were all incredibly kind and supportive. They assured me my son would be fine, and they were correct! Had I been in a different dentist's office I probably would not have gone through with the procedure, and would definitely have regretted that decision. As a result of my great experience, and the level of care my son received, I have even decided to use Dr. Tanios as my own dentist despite the 45 minute drive!

Maplewood, NJ

My husband and I have two girls (3 month old, and 16 month old) who needed both a lip and tongue tie release. After researching, we felt coming to Dr. Tanios-Rafla was the best decision for our girls. We got both procedures completed in one visit, for each girl. Immediately following the procedure, I was able to nurse my 3 month old, and noticed a significant difference in the her suckle. Now, she doesn't take as long to nurse, has an easier time feeding, and takes in less air. Our 16 month old now has a wider range of motion in her mouth, as her jaw muscles are relaxed, as a result of the release. There was even a special offer available, if we got both procedures done at the same time on the same day. We accepted the offer, and are glad we did. The office is very clean, and the staff was very nice. Dr. Tanios-Rafla was gentle, and highly knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to be in such a comfortable environment. I highly recommend this office. We had a wonderful experience, and will come back for further procedures.


Dr. Tanios-Rafla did our son's posterior tongue tie revision with the water laser. When it reattached, she did the procedure again free of charge, standing behind her work. The whole staff was so nice and comforting. I would recommend her to anyone who is considering this procedure and is in the NJ/NY area!

Cynthia L.

When we found out that our 5-month-old son had a tongue-tie and upper lip tie, we were beside ourselves. We were unsure of how a corrective procedure would affect him due to the fact that he was born prematurely. Thankfully, our reservations were dismissed when we met Dr. Tanios. She eased our minds by explaining the procedure before hand and she gladly answered any questions that we had. The procedure was quicker than we expected and our son healed nicely.

Her dental assistant, and the office staff are kind, courteous, and very helpful. We are extremely pleased with our experience and would recommend Dr. Tanios to anyone looking for a supportive and compassionate dentist.

The Lopez Family

We had our upper lip tie revision laser surgery today. Dr. Tanios-Rafla was amazing! She treated Helena like her own granddaughter and also put up with me and my husband. I highly recommend her if you live in the area.

Lauren C.

Thanks to the trained staff at the hospital where our daughter was born, it was discovered she had a severe posterior tongue-tie and an upper lip tie. When my husband and I inquired as to what our options were since we wanted a breastfed baby, Dr. Rafla’s name was given to us as the best doctor that could help us. I was extremely surprised at the responsiveness of the office staff using the online appointment request. We were discharged on a Sunday from the hospital and heard from the office Monday morning at 9 AM, and seen later that day. Even though we traveled just over an hour, it was worth every traffic light! Immediately post-surgery the results were obvious. Her top lip flattened out and she could extend her tongue out of her mouth. The best part was when she fed immediately post-surgery I could tell the difference. What a terrific feeling! Dr. Rafla was hands on and explained the care we would need to provide in the coming weeks herself. She never once seemed as if she was in a rush to see another patient. The office staff is all very friendly and reassuring seeing as we were nervous. As a new first-time mother, I would recommend Dr Rafla to anyone and everyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.

Mr. & Mrs. Burke

I am writing this testimonial with the hope that it might help other parents avoid the same mistake our family made. Jack was born on February 22nd 2013 and just prior to leaving the hospital, I noticed that his tongue didn’t seem right. Since we were literally walking out the door, the nurses told me that I would have to discuss it with my pediatrician. I wondered why it was brought to my attention at the hospital? A few days later, during our 1st appointment at the pediatrician’s office, we inquired as to what it was and what we should do. To my surprise, we were told that in his opinion, we should leave it alone until he was older and that we wouldn’t know if it was going to cause a speech problem until he was 4 or 5. This didn’t sound right to me so I did some research and learned that it is better to have it fixed as early as possible. Needless to say, that was our 1st and last appointment with that pediatrician. The next pediatrician gave us the contact information for an Ear Nose and Throat doctor. We made that appointment and had had Jack’s tongue snipped. The doctor did point out that Jack was also lip tied but that he didn’t see any reason to do anything about it. Upon leaving, we were instructed to call the following week to report how Jack was doing.
As time went on, we noticed that Jack wasn’t babbling the way he should have been but everyone kept reassuring us that “boys are slower”. Around 9 months, I noticed that Jack’s lip-tie looked as though it was actually preventing his 2 top teeth from coming in correctly. Again, I began to do research and discovered that a lip-tie should also be taken care of as it can cause all sorts of dental issues. I also began reading about laser dentistry. I was determined to find the best dentist and so my search began. Luckily, this is when we found Dr. Gina Tanios-Rafla!
We currently reside outside of Philadelphia which is about an hour and a half from East Brunswick where the office is located. I didn’t care about making the drive because I knew she used the best and latest technology and had years of experience! The office staff was so friendly when I called to make the first appointment. They worked to get us an appointment very quickly as I think they sensed how upset I was with Jack’s lip-tie. I knew we were in good hands but it wasn’t until I actually met Dr. Tanios that I realized how lucky we were to find her. She is one of the most comforting individuals I have ever met. Jack also adores her! She really took the time to make sure my husband and I understood everything and even pointed out that Jack’s tongue had re-attached. She explained that after each procedure we would need to massage the area to prevent either site from re-attaching. She also explained why the laser she uses is superior and even demonstrated on my hand how it would not cause Jack pain. I also liked that fact that this procedure DIDN’T require anesthesia. It was so simple! Since then, we’ve had Jack’s lip and tongue fixed and are so thrilled with the results. Words can’t express how grateful we are!
If you are considering this procedure for your child, I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Dr. Tanios! Looking back I wish we would have had the resources to put us in touch with Dr. Tanios sooner. I also wish the ENT would have made us aware of the massaging exercises. Hindsight is always 20/20, right? Don’t make the same mistakes we did…call Dr. Tanios and do it right from the beginning. I promise you will be as happy as we are. I used to think that I was my child’s “only advocate”, but I now know that he has Dr. Tanios looking out for him as well!
-Danielle & John

Danielle and John P.

My 7.5 month old had a ULT and PTT laser revised by Dr. Tanios-Rafla in NJ last Tuesday. We've already been back to the lactation consultant and he's gained 4.5 ounces AND he transferred 5 oz! Previously he had only gained 4 oz in 5 weeks and was only transferring 2 oz at a time. I'm still pumping and taking supplements but everyone is so confident we're on the upswing. Dr. Tanios and her staff were extremely helpful and warm and they got us in for a revision in less than 24 hours from when I first called.

Erin W.

Dr. Tanios-Rafla cured my baby. Period. She improved my 3month old son's quality of life and ours as well in under five minutes. She and her staff and accommodating and extremely knowledgeable. His reflux is no longer an issue and he came off his meds that very day. We are so grateful for her daily.

Sarah M.

We would like to stand on the top of a mountain and praise this great business! Dr. Gina saw us last minute on a Saturday with our 2 week old son. She corrected a lip tie and tongue tie without a single cut. Instant difference for our baby. Her bedside manner and etiquette were equally as awesome! Her staff makes you feel like family. Thank you!

Conor & Liz Delaney

Everyone in the office was very nice and helpful with my reluctant 2 year old. I wish I had known about fixing her lip tie earlier when I was having so many problems breastfeeding! Now at 2 she started to have staining on her teeth due to the tie being so tight, it was causing her pain and difficulty with brushing. The water laser was painless (though my daughter didn't like being held still) and when asked, she says "it tickled my mouth." At our follow up visit my daughter ran right inside and held the nurse's hand like they were old friends. I am very happy with the results, and would highly recommend this procedure to anyone looking for a bloodless/painless lip or tongue tie revision.

Rachel H.

Just returned home from our one week post-op visit with Dr. Tanios-Rafla. Baby is healing beautifully and we couldn't be happier that we chose her to perform the procedure. I hate doing the stretches but they are really helping. I highly recommend Dr. Tanios-Rafla if you are in NJ or even surrounding states, it's worth the drive!

Laura C.

I can’t say enough positive things about my experience at this office. I went there for a routine cleaning and fell in love with those friendly and caring people. Dr.Tanios made me feel very comfortable, especially when I saw how confident she looked when she used her Waterlase laser machine to do my fillings. I didn’t even need a needle. It was painless. Next visit I am getting a crown and guess what Dr.Tanios told me? She said that I will walk out with it because they have that special machine and the oven that make beautiful crowns; no impressions, no temporary crowns and no waiting for a few weeks to get my crown. Even though they are a state of the art high tech office, Dr. Tanios still spends enough time with you explaining things and it makes you feel that you are her only patient. I loved the staff- nicest, warmest and funniest people. They even gave me a coffee mug as a welcome gift.
Thank you, Dr. Tanios.

Anna K. Manhattan, NY

Hi Dr. Gina,

I can’t thank you enough for your care, your great experience in the dental field, and the time you spend with the patients to make sure the work is done perfectly. Over the years I went to several dentists and none of them told me about straightening or fixing my teeth. Thank you.

About fifteen years ago, my son Paul went to an orthodontist. She put braces on and after a few months she removed them. His teeth were the same with no improvement. I told her there is no improvement and she said “haha .. we will marry him off”. We left her office and I was not happy with her dental care and there was nothing I could do. Since that experience he refused to see any orthodontist. I am trying to convince him to see you.


Fouad S. Ridgewood, NJ

Dr. Tanios is simply the very best dentist I’ve ever met. I have complete confidence in her.

Denis J. Parlin, NJ

A Miracle at the Dental Office

It was Friday night and medical offices were closed as we were on our way to the emergency room with my son who just was in an accident. His lip was badly torn and his front tooth broken. We were so thankful he was ok, but I knew his beautiful smile could never be the same. As a mom I felt helpless. Than our phone rang, it was Dr.Tanios returning our call. She was on her way back to her office just to meet us. I was so touched by her concern and kindness. She was confident that she could better help my son. She gave us hope. We were thankful we didn’t have to go through the chaos and trauma of an unfamiliar emergency room. As my son laid calmly in her chair she gently began to reconstruct his upper lip using a laser. His lip was so swollen and torn it was difficult to see his teeth. Like a miracle the swelling began to go down right before our eyes. The laser was actually healing my sons lip! No tears, no needles, no stitches, and no scar. The laser surgery was fast and virtually painless. Dr Tanios assured us that he would heal perfectly and he would have no scar. I couldn’t believe that my son would once again smile his beautiful smile. He left her office with small band-aid, no medication and no pain. Every day we could see noticeable healing and within 10 short days all signs of his lip being torn were gone. There was no scar, no deformity, only his beautiful smile. Dr Tanios performed a miracle like an angel.

With sincere gratitude,
The Ciccone Family

I am not a big dentist fan because I had a terrible dental experience when I was a child. Once in a while, I would go to get a check up and every time it was a different dentist. One morning I woke up with a very bad tooth ache and I knew I was in trouble. One of my friends recommended Dr.Tanios, so I decided to give her a shot. I have to say Dr.Tanios is one of the dentists I have been searching for, for a very long time. Knowing my fear Dr.Tanios explained everything she was going to do, and made me feel very comfortable. The root canal procedure was painless. I didn’t feel a thing when she was cutting my gums with a laser making room for a crown, and not only did Dr Tanios do the root canal from start to finish, but also she has technology (CEREC) of doing the same day crowns. Excellent service, great office, and the most friendly staff. If you are someone who doesn’t like going to the dentist (like I was), this is the dental office that you should visit!

Natalia P. Keyport, NJ

Dr. Tanios and her staff are friendly, warm, and professional. Their compassion and caring made me realize that a beautiful smile is a healthy smile.

Vas K. Cliffwood beach, NJ

Dr. Gina corrected a lip tie and tongue tie on my 6 week old son. It was over in 10 minutes with no blood and little crying! Dr. Gina was very caring and patient she sat with me while I nursed and I could tell the difference right away!!
Everybody in the office was very helpful and friendly!!
I highly recommend Dr. Gina Tanios-Rafla!!

Kirsten B.

Now I believe that excellence is a profession, I found it all in your office from the first to the last minute! No wait, no pain (no regular milk in the kitchen .. haha) friendly staff and wonderful care, what an experience! Many thanks to you and your crew.

Insigam A.

The family dentist office is a good place, especially for cleaning. The staff is extra nice, and prices are competitive, if one does not have insurance. Quality product for a fair price.

Roman K.

This office makes me actually LIKE going to the dentist! The staff is wonderful and makes me feel truly welcomed and appreciated!! I would highly recommend it. Mina G.

Mina G.

Before I went to see Dr. Gina Tanios-Rafla, my 3 month old son had problems breastfeeding. While I nursed him, he would make "clicking" noises, milk would drip on the side of his mouth, slip off the breast, cause me to have sore and painful nipples/breasts, he would swallow a lot of air causing him to be gassy after every meal, his stools were "explosive" and would constantly fuss during his meals. I thought all this was a normal thing that comes with nursing him. None of the nurses at the hospital nor the lactation consultant nor his pediatrician at the time noticed these things as a problem. I looked into it and realized my son was both lip-tied and tongue-tied. I found Dr. Gina Tanios-Rafla and made an appointment. My first impression of the office was that the staff was friendly and very knowledgeable. I was worried that my son would experience pain and discomfort during the procedure however, after talking to the doctor and staff, I felt at ease getting the procedure done. Dr. Gina uses a water-based laser for patients with lip-tie and tongue-tie. She made me feel the laser and it was so gentle. The procedure took approximately 15 or so minutes. Right after the procedure, my son was able to latch on right away and what a difference! Getting the procedure done was the best decision I made for me and my baby. Breastfeeding him has not been the same since. I can now enjoy nursing him without any problems! My son was never in any pain, no bleeding occurred and no scarring! His current pediatrician was really impressed and is going to recommend her to his patients that need procedures like this done. He's a happier baby now and I can thank Dr. Gina Tanios-Rafla for that!! Thank you! I also thank the staff for the support and kindness!

Thank you!!!!

The Ablan Family

I always look forward coming to this office because I love people that work here. They make me feel very comfortable and welcomed. I love all the technology Dr.Tanios is using and no pain laser helps to calm my nerves. Friendly office, nice staff .I would recommend it to my friends.

Mona S.

I had a great visit. The staff was great and very friendly.

Nick R.

Dr. Tanios,

My family and I have been going to you for so many years now and I have to tell you that the laser you are using is awesome. The fact that I can go through the procedure without anesthetic and with such speed not only impresses me, but it makes me feel less stress. I hope more of your patients take advantage of this innovative tool.

Happy and satisfied patient
Oscar M.

Excellent experience. The entire staff is very professional and friendly. I have a 11 week old baby and they made the entire experience great for both me and my baby. Would recommend this dentist to anyone I know. Overall excellent.

Melinda R.

Dr. Gina Tanios is very nice as well as her team. She is a great doctor who really cares about her patients as well as their families. My son had a tongue-tie since he was born. Even though i took him to 3 pediatricians, they all said that he was fine. But I was not satisfied about their results till i met Dr. Gina who assessed and diagnosed him with tongue tie and in 2 weeks she scheduled him for surgery. Now my son can stick his tongue out and lick his lips what he couldn't do before. We really appreciate you Dr. Gina Tanios and thanks for being so competent and helpful. Keep it up with the awesome job!!! I strongly and highly recommend her to people.

Mana E.

My son started to eat less after he experienced a severe allergic reaction. He didn't even want to drink milk and the worst is, he didn't even want to open his mouth anymore. He cried when he was placed on the high chair. He was 14 months old then. This prompted us to bring him to the doctor. But the pediatrician only said that it is just usual for a toddler to be very picky with his foods. But the condition of my son did not improve. Despite the deteriorating condition, evidenced by my son being underweight, the pediatrician did not do further interventions. we decided to bring my son to NJ Pediatric Feeding Associates.

At NJ Pediatric Feeding Associates, we met Ms. Yichien. She painstakingly helped my son with his condition. There was a significant improvement in edward's condition. But Ms. Yichien was not satisfied. with further assessments, Yichien informed us that my son is tongue-tied. She referred my son to Dr. Gina Tanios-Rafla. After the consultation, he was scheduled for surgery. He was cranky and cried during the whole surgery, yet Dr. Gina remained calm, gentle and very patient. Dr. Gina instructed us with the exercises that has to be done for edward to prevent reattachment of the tongue, after care and follow up visits.

The surgery made significant improvements on the eating patterns of my son. In due time, he will be eating just like any children of his age.

Michelle A.

I can not say enough good things about Dr. Gina Tanios-Rafla. When my son, Callen, was born I noticed right away that he had a tongue tie. His doctors and a lactation consultant said it was fine and his latch was good so I continued to nurse him with it, thinking it might get better. When it didn't improve on its on, at 8 weeks, I went to a hospital and they cut his tongue tie. This also did not improve his eating. I continued to breast feed and honestly it was the most painful thing I had to endure and I cried at most feedings. When my son was around 4 months old I noticed he had a lip tie. I researched up and down for someone to correct his lip tie. No one wanted to touch a wiggly 4 month old and/or I was told that I needed to wait until he was older and have him put under to have it corrected. I did not want to wait that long nor did I want him to get put under. Thankfully in my research I found Dr. Gina Tanios-Rafla's website. I called after looking at all the reviews. After I explained my situation and where I lived, I was scheduled for the next day. THIS IS WAS THRILLED ABOUT! I live in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, which is about an hour and a half to two hours away depending on traffic. I was scheduled for a consult, but because I lived so far away the procedure would happen at the same time if needed. At our consult, Dr. Gina showed me his lip and tongue ties. She then explained everything that she was going to do. The procedure was performed and in no time it was over. Immediately after the procedure was completed my son latched for the first time without any pain on my end. Dr. Gina made sure he latched correctly and checked on me while he was eating to make sure he was okay. The driving, the tolls, the baby who hates his car seat, the cost... ALL 100% worth it.

Felicia H.

Dr. Tanios solved our upper lip and tongue tie problem, and our 3 month old finally started gaining weight. She took plenty of time to ask our many questions before starting the procedure, and was available to answer follow-up questions in the weeks afterward. We are so pleased with her care and expertise, and would go back to her for any major work in the future!

Miriam G.

Dr. Gina Tanios-Rafla and her entire staff were so wonderful and I felt completely at ease taking my daughter to have her lip tie procedure done with her. From the second we walked in, to the procedure, to the follow up appointments - Dr. Tanios-Rafla is a true professional and her love for babies and children is not hard to miss. I couldn't imagine taking my daughter anywhere else but here to have had this procedure done. Thank you for taking such great care of my little girl!

Julie I.

Our daughter could not open her mouth wide enough to nurse properly. It would hurt my wife's breasts incredibly and my wife blamed herself. A midwife friend of ours said that it looks like our daughter might have a lip-tie problem. So we came here to check it out and she did indeed have that problem. After the lip-tie release surgery we could see an immediate difference in how she was opening her mouth and spreading her lips wide enough to nurse. Well worth it if you have a similar problem with your baby.

Brian R.

We had a wonderful experience and I am very glad that I brought my son to Dr. Tanios. She is an expert in the field and has a wealth of knowledge to offer parents of children with tongue and lip ties. Thank you Dr. Tanios for helping my baby boy!

Megan T.

I brought my 2 day old baby in to have lip tie and tongue tie procedures. The dr was exceptionally patient and knowledgeable and her office was perfect for babies- as it has a mini nursery. We had a laser procedure done and had to do follow up exercises. Both were quick, easy and effective. I'd highly recommend this Dr.

Emily G.

Incredibly professional and warm office staff and doctor!! Dr. Tanios helped my daughter nurse better and helped my body heal!! Forever indebted to you!!! Anyone with any nursing issues should see Dr. Tanios and her wonderful staff.

Jen R.

I have been coming to Dr. Tanios for over 20 yrs. I have always been afraid of dentists had bad experiences, but Dr. Tanios took all my fears away. In fact my children also come here, she did their braces and the first thing people tell my kids what beautiful teeth they have. They are 24 & 18 now and still come here. I moved to Pa. from So. River NJ 15 years ago and drive to Dr. Tanios every 6 months, because I refuse to change dentists. I feel completely comfortable in her care.

Melody R.

After three months of issues , from breast feeding troubles to colicky behavior to severe reflux, we finally were diagnosed with lip & and tongue ties. Dr. Tanios took great care in answering all my many questions And made sure we were comfortable with the procedure. She had a great rapport with our son and took a lot of time to help us with our first try at breastfeeding. I am so relieved. That we finally got to the root of our problems and have a happy "normal" baby. The gas and reflux immediately disappeared, nursing is a breeze, and he and I are no longer in tears at each feeding.

Sarah T.

I have never written a testimony or review for anything. However, Dr. Gina Tanios-Rafla and her staff have definitely given me reason to!

My two month old baby boy had tongue tie when he was born. I knew there was an issue with his tongue but I did not have the knowledge to recognize that it was tongue tie. Nursing him was extremely painful, he was very gassy (from not properly latching), and this caused my "first time mom" experience to be depressing! I was referred to Dr. Tanios-Rafla; this was the BEST referral ever! Dr. Tanios-Rafla explained what tongue is as well as the procedure that needed to be performed as a result of it. She ensured that I was well versed and informed with all things regarding tongue tie. She did not rush; she made sure I was comfortable and she took great care of my baby boy!

The night after the surgery, I called, left a message for her and surprisingly she returned my call within a few minutes. She was so caring, supportive and informative, and that made me feel really relaxed giving me a restful sleep that evening! Upon our return to the office, for the follow-up, I was devastated to learn that I had not properly performed the stretching exercises! Dr. Tanios-Rafla immediately took action and stretched my baby's tongue properly. She and her staff were amazing at putting me and my baby at ease. Dr. Tanios-Rafla sat with me and again explained how to properly perform the exercises. She made herself available at any time to assist with my questions and/or concerns.

Once I finally performed the stretches properly, I felt the results of the procedure! Nursing my baby is no longer painful. Gas is no longer an issue! I now have a happy baby! The mobility of his tongue has increased tremendously! Making this experience all worth it! If you are reading testimonies and are apprehensive about this procedure, make an appointment and I guarantee you will be pleased!!

Thank you Dr. Tanios-Rafla!! You and your staff were wonderful!! True professionals who care about the needs of your patients!

Q. Whitmore

My son was three weeks old when I came to Dr. Tanios-Rafla and I was pretty sure he had a tongue and a lip tie. I was feeding him 24/7, hadn't slept in days and he was barely gaining weight; clearly hungry all the time, constantly crying. She snipped both ties and he started gaining weight at an incredible clip that week, my pediatrician (who missed both ties) was in awe. They had started ordering blood and urine tests because he was "failing to thrive." I was still nursing my toddler so we knew the issue wasn't with my milk or supply.

While we were there I mentioned to the doctor that my 2 year old daughter was in speech therapy. She took a look inside her mouth and diagnosed her with tongue and lip ties too. I decided after a few months of agonizing to clip the lip hoping it would spare her braces and orthodontia later on. I held her for the procedure - they numbed the lip and used a laser to remove the tie. It barely bled and she didn't seem to be in too much discomfort after.

Her speech therapist marveled that she had never seen her mouth move the way it has and in just a week, it appears she might not qualify for speech therapy anymore when our review is up. She is talking SO MUCH MORE than she was. It's really just incredible to see the difference. We're monitoring the tongue tie but just snipping the lip has made a world of difference.

I joke, but I'm not really joking, that we are stopping at Dr. Tanios-Rafla's office on our way home from the hospital with all of our other children. I hate that we waited so long to treat our first two knowing what a big difference it made having their ties corrected.

B. Mandel

My husband and I brought our 2 week old son to get his lip and tongue ties released by Dr. Tanios. Breastfeeding had been excruciatingly difficult until then because he could not latch onto my nipple. Every session was frustrating and heartbreaking for me as a new mom.

First off, I called up about 4 other ENTs or pediatric dentists to inquire about their tongue/lip release procedures before calling Dr. Tanios's office. Her staff were warm and friendly, answered any questions I had about the procedures and the pricing on the phone, and gave me the best and most trustworthy impression. Thus we decided to go ahead and book a consultation with her within the week.

Dr. Tanios affirmed what we had suspected about the existence of tongue/lip ties, and we got the procedures done within the same day. Afterwards, I spent about 45 minutes trying to nurse in the nursing room her office has set aside for moms and their infants post-procedure. Although we did not successfully nurse that day, she gave us advice about what to do to get my son to learn to relatch, and taught us stretching exercises that we must do to keep the ties from reattaching. No lie, the post procedure stretches were the most difficult part of the process (especially the first 5 days) because they must be done every 4-5 hours or before every feeding session, around the clock for 3 weeks. My son would screech every time we tried to do the exercises in the beginning, but he learned to deal with them better as time went on.

We came to Dr. Tanios for follow-up after 10 days and were happy to hear that the ties were still good. Today marks the last day of the 3 weeks and my baby is still nursing like a champ and growing like a weed. We are glad to have found Dr. Tanios and drive the 90 minutes during rush hour traffic to see her over closer ENTs/pediatric dentists. I recommend her and her practice wholeheartedly for the revision of lip and tongue ties.

I was referred to Doctor Gina to check my 6 week old son, he apparently had lip and tongue tie. He was not latching at all, choking and dripping a lot when feeding. I have to say that it surprised me to see how we got an appointment for the next day and got the surgery done that same day.

The staff is really professional and nice, they make you feel that your baby is in good hands. The Doctor checked my baby and confirmed the diagnosis for him and explained all the process that was going to take place with the revision and showed us the instruments. She was very nice and made sure me and my husband understood everything and clarify all our questions.

At the time of the procedure, and after, the staff was great with my baby, I felt comfortable with leaving him with them. The doctor was very sweet with my baby and us after the revision and helped with the latching that has been very difficult since we got back from the hospital. Also explained and made sure we were good with the stretches that needed to be done.

After two follow up visits and having a great experience with the staff, my baby has changed a lot, his feeding has improved and even his behavior has change to the better since he is not uncomfortable anymore.

I really am happy to have been referred to and to have my baby treated by Dr. Gina.

Johanna C.

If you suspect your kiddo has a tongue or lip tie, please have a consultation /evaluation done. Pediatricians aren't experts in identification of ties and a tie can cause major problems with nursing and supply. My 3 week old, Kellen, just had an evaluation with this amazing team. From the moment we walked into the office, I felt comfortable. The professional staff at the desk offered to hold my hungry, fussy baby while I filled out his forms. We were escorted to an immaculate nursing room and then the dental room for a consult. On a scale of 1-4 (4 being the worst), his upper lip tie was a 4 and his tongue was a 3. His consult started at 4:05. We had Dr. Tanios-Rafla do the LASER procedure and he was back to me nursing again by 4:18. I had our first nursing session without toe curling pain. AMAZING!!!! After nursing my daughter for 17 months, I knew something was off with his latch immediately. The latch he had post-op was textbook. He was actually able to open his mouth. Dr. Tanios-Rafla stayed in the room with us for the first few minutes to assist with nursing and his new found ability to transfer milk successfully.

I am so glad we found an amazing dental practice to give us what we need to get on track. Hopefully, after this quick procedure were on our way to another long, healthy breastfeeding relationship. We're currently 24 hours post-op and successfully nursing every session...even over night when we are both tired!!! He's shown minimal signs of fussiness or being in pain ♡ Thank you!

Jesse O.

I saw Dr. Tanios when my son was 11 weeks old. After 11 weeks of breastfeeding agony and 5 weeks of misdiagnosed thrush, Dr. Tanios treated my son for a grade 4 lip and tongue tie. My son's pediatrician and 3 lactation consultants never considered a tongue/lip tie could be the cause of all our issues. Dr. Tanios took one look and immediately knew his ties needed to be revised, and FINALLY confirmed the reason my son was suffering horrible digestive/feeding issues and I was suffering painful nursing sessions. Dr. Tanios saved my nursing journey and has enabled my son to start recovering from awful reflux/gagging/chocking/gas/colic, etc. He now enjoys little things such as his car seat, rock and play glider, swing. Prior to the procedure he would scream when not being held because of such horrible gas pains due to the ties.

I called the office as soon as they opened one Monday morning, and had an appointment the same day early in the afternoon! The staff was so genuine and welcoming. I can't say enough about Dr. Tanios. You will be beyond impressed with her knowledge and the degree of comfort she provides. Within minutes you are certain you can trust her with your baby. She takes time to answer questions and explain procedures/aftercare. The revision took only minutes, and then I had my baby back in my arms. Dr. Tanios was able to get my son to nurse pain free and without a nipple shield minutes after his revision. Something I was not able to do since the day he was born. I was so grateful, I hugged her! I was a mother struggling to make her son comfortable and happy as well as enjoy nursing, and Dr. Tanios gave me the ability to do so. If you are looking for an excellent, caring and competent doctor, look no farther. I can't thank Dr. Tanios enough for what she has done for me and my son!

Kristy W.

Dr. Tanios-Rafla is just as great with adults as she is with kids. She was very knowledgeable and informative and the frenectomy was quick and painless. She has a gentle touch and I will continue to travel over an hour to see her as my primary dentist.

Jason J.

My newborn wouldn't latch properly and wasn't eating which was frustrating. On the last day in the hospital a lactation expert noticed he had a tongue tie and recommended Dr. Gina because she does laser cutting. The procedure was fast. She explained what she needed to do in great detail which eased my new mommy concerns. My son actually needed 3 cuts, under his upper lip, behind his gums and the ligament holding his tongue to the floor of his mouth. Poor baby! After the quick procedure, she spent a substantial amount of time with my husband and I helping the baby latch and teaching. The follow up visits to make sure the incisions healed properly have been informative and positive.

Her office is working with our insurance which is great! I saw another review that said no insurance covers her, but that's not true exactly. The laser procedure itself isn't covered by any insurance, so that does come out of pocket but is worth it. We paid about $700 upfront for everything, but the evaluation cost and the visit they submitted to our insurance both dental and medical to get over $600 of the $700 reimbursed.

We love her so much we are switching our whole family to her practice.

Ferrarri T.

I was referred to Dr. Gina because our daughter had a lip & tongue tie. When I called to make an appointment she was completely booked for the week but because our daughter was at this point refusing to eat, Dr. Gina had me bring her in during her lunch break! She was very informative, supportive and most importantly genuinely caring of our daughter’s well being. I would recommend any parent looking for help due to issues related to tongue or lip ties to see Dr. Gina. In fact, I would recommend her for any other dentistry services she offers! Sincerely, Happy Mom

Yvette D.

Dr. Tanios-Rafla is just as great with adults as she is with kids. She was very knowledgeable and informative and the procedure was quick and painless. She has a gentle touch and I will continue to travel over an hour to see her as my primary dentist.

Jason J.

I came to Gina Tanios for a frenectomy. I never had a speech impediment, or a lisp, but the frenum under my tongue didn't allow me to stick my tongue out very far, it would also cause the frenum to grind on my bottom teeth so it was something that bothered me. The procedure was not long and immediately as she is doing it you will feel your tongue release, in a very freeing way. I walked out immediately able to finally stick my tongue out. The healing process can be annoying, as the tongue will heal quickly and you don't want the tongue closing back down and tightening back up. When you do your stretches, my experience is that you almost have to do more than a stretch to prevent the healing process to move too quickly, you have to use a lot of pressure, almost like you are trying to reopen the cut. I'm about three months past the procedure and am very happy with the results! My voice is clearer, lighter, I can sing higher, and I also noticed that my neck pain is gone, which was something I didn't think was related but it makes sense that the tightness my tongue caused can follow through to the neck. So I have had all positives come from this decision and I definitely recommend any adults who may not have big issues with their frenum, but possibly bothers them. I found that I had more positives come from this than expected!

Valerie M.

My lactation consultant found a posterior tongue tie and upper lip tie on my daughter when she was a week old. I called Dr. Gina's office, and they fit me in that day and gave me the code so I could call my insurance and figure out the billing process. Dr. Gina was kind and compassionate, and you can tell that she loves babies. She did the procedure, and then helped my daughter and I to nurse. It was such a huge difference for me in terms of pain, and my daughter was able to use her tongue correctly to nurse. I would have been stuck on the nipple shield forever, or just stopped breastfeeding altogether if I hadn't had this procedure.

My daughter's weight gain has been phenomenal: birth weight was 7 lb. 6 oz, and 4 month check up was 15 lb. 10 oz.

Tongue ties are painful, and the recovery took a few weeks, but my daughter healed beautifully. We had a rough few days around 10 days post revision, and I called Dr. Gina on a Sunday. She had just gotten back from vacation, but came into her office (on a Sunday!) and saw us. She was so compassionate and never made me feel like I was a bother.

It has been four months, and my daughter started teething. Nursing became uncomfortable again, and I worried that the tie had reattached. I called this morning, and they had me come in two hours later. The staff remembered me and Dr. Gina played with my daughter and then took a peek. The tongue tie was fine, and I had worried for nothing. She gave me some really helpful tips on nursing, and sent us on our way.

She is a phenomenal dentist and a kind, loving woman. I am very grateful for her wonderful care.

Lydia M.

Just had my little one's lip tie released! It was much worse than I realized at a class 4! I had the best experience with the doctor and her staff. She was very hands on and took very good care of my daughter while I was in the waiting room during the procedure. After she released the tie she took the time to help me latch and breastfeed in one of the offices designated nursing rooms (outfitted with a rocking chair and changing table). After my LO finished nursing she came back and took the time to demonstrate the post-op exercises on me. Could not be happier with how everything went and we are already breastfeeding so much better!!! If you suspect your baby had a tongue or lip tie get it checked out immediately, you won't regret it! HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Gina Tanios-Rafla!!!!!

Amber S.

My lactation consultant recommended Dr. Rafla to correct my newborn daughter's upper lip tie. We were able to get an appointment the same day! I was so nervous to have a procedure on my baby, but it was fast and almost painless, and the baby was nursing better immediately afterwards. Dr. Rafla and her staff were so nice and helpful, and we would recommend her for anyone needing help for lip or tongue ties.

Sarah Z.

I could not say enough great things about Dr. Tanios-Rafla and her staff! She is absolutely wonderful! I took my 2 week old daughter there because she was lip and tongue tied and I found myself not being able to exclusively breastfeed her. The procedure took less than 5 minutes and my daughter was nursing like a champ right after (in their dedicated nursing room!). Not only did Dr. Tanios-Rafla perform the procedure but she acted as a Lactation Consultant as well and helped show me better nursing positions and recommended several galactagogues as well to help get my milk production up. I didn't listen (silly me) to any of the recommendations and at our 1 week checkup nothing had changed - I was still supplementing formula. She reminded me of all the suggestions and I went right to the store to get everything. By the next follow up appointment we were exclusively breastfeeding which was something I had almost given up on! She is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and compassionate! Her staff is also incredibly helpful. My insurance denied my claim, that they submitted for me, and her staff called up my insurance and asked them to reprocess the claim as at least part of it should have been paid. Everything they did, they did without me asking and didn't hesitate to make the offer to do it. I highly recommend her to everyone I come across!!

Rachel C.

After searching online to find someone to help with my daughter's ties, I found Dr. Gina Tanios-Rafla and her lovely staff. They were all wonderful, patient, helpful and most of all warm and kind. My daughter and I both had our tongue ties released and had the best experience. The Dr. explained everything clearly and made my little one and I feel comfortable every step of the way. I highly recommend her!


Bad root canal experiences made me afraid of dentists. I was very anxious and would fret for days prior to an appointment, but the need to replace a lot of old, failing dental work lead me on a search for a high tech office. Dr. Tanios and her team understood my concerns. They provided clear explanations of procedures and gave me time to be comfortable to accomplish what was needed. Thankfully, the fear of being in the dentist chair is no longer an issue. They are amazing and the work they do is excellent!


Our experience with Dr. Tanios-Rafla made the idea and process of oral surgery for our 6 week old so much easier than we could have imagined! She made us feel safe and comfortable and took her time to explain every detail. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a procedure for their child or themselves.


Dr. Rafla and her staff are wonderful! My 9 month old baby girl had to come in for a frenectomy due to a tongue and lip tie. Dr. Rafla was thorough with the procedure and details of the post exercises. My daughter and I have come back a few times for follow ups, which they're very good about. I was very worried, stressed, and anxious about the procedure but they made me feel at ease. Thanks team!


Dr. Tanios did an amazing job with our two week old's tongue and lip tie. She was knowledgeable, kind and spent a lot of time with us. Highly, highly recommended!!


Dr. Tanios-Rafla was great with my 6 week old who ended up having a tongue and lip tie. She was personable and made us first time parents comfortable with the procedure that she would be doing. We felt very comfortable with her and are happy we chose to have the procedure done. Our son's gassiness, fussiness, and latch are much better now. He also sleeps so much longer since the night of the surgery! I couldn't believe it. Dr. Tanios-Rafla also had great advice on homeopathic pain relief as well as breastfeeding. I am so thankful we chose her and chose to get our son's lip and tongue ties looked at and ultimately revised.