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Children & Adults


Problems for Children & Adults




Inability to chew age appropriate solid foods

 Inability to open the mouth widely affects speech and eating habits

 Gagging, choking or vomiting foods

 Always having to watch their speech

 Difficulties related to dental hygiene

Inability to speak clearly when talking fast/loud/soft

 Persistence of dribbling

Clicky jaws

 Delayed development of speech

 Pain in the jaws

 Deterioration in speech


Behavior problems

 Protrusion of the lower jaws

 Dental problems starting to appear

 Effects on social situations

Loss of self confidence because they feel or sound different

 Dental health, a tendency to have inflamed gums, and an increased need for dental work

Sensitivity about personal appearance

Tongue tie in the elderly often makes it difficult to keep a denture in place



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