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Lip Tie/Tongue Tie

Lip Tie/Tongue Tie Surgery (Frenectomy) performed with the Er:YAG Laser - No Scalpel, No Sutures, No Bleeding, No Pain!

A frenum is a muscular stretch of tissue that connects and holds other tissues in place.

Occasionally a frenum might be exceptionally short, thick, tight, or may extend too far down along the tongue or the gum and results in lip tie or tongue tie.  When a frenum is positioned in such a way as to interfere with the normal alignment of the teeth, speech or constricts the movement of the tongue or lips, it can be corrected by a surgery called a frenectomy.

For a newborn, lip tie or tongue tie can make breastfeeding difficult for the infant and painful for the mother because the lip's or tongue's limited movement prevents the infant from properly latching on and drawing milk from the breast.  If left untreated, it can eventually impair the child's speech and proper tooth alignment.  The newborns we treat can nurse immediately and moms notice a difference both in the quantity that the newborn consumes as well as their personal comfort while nursing.

Lip tie and tongue tie can be corrected by a procedure called a frenectomy.  Typically, this procedure is performed with a scalpel and sutures in a hospital setting.  However, when conducted with laser, the surgery tends to cause very little bleeding, does not require sutures, and often results in very little discomfort after the procedure.  The water laser that Dr.Tanios uses eliminates the needs for IV sedation or general anesthesia. Dr.Tanios performs this procedure on newborns who are having difficulty nursing due to a "tight" frenum, which prohibits their lips from flanging and maintaining a proper latch. Newborns also have a "tight" frenum under the tongue prohibiting them from being able to transfer milk from the breast to swallow. The newborns Dr.Tanios treats can nurse immmediately and moms notice a very significant difference both in the quantity that the newborn consumes as well as their personal comfort while nursing. 


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